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Just got back from watching Jungle book , like Goosebumps it came later in my land but this time only a few days . I really like the original disney version of the Rudyard Kipling novel , i haven´t read the book  but it´s one of my most favorite disney movies and even know it was not really what i expected i thought also this version was awesome . The backgrounds are beautifull , they designs of the animals are really cool and some of the voice actors like Bill Murray from Ghostbusters , are quite funny . Shere Khan was just awesome in this movie , he really was a badass . I didn´t like Kaa´s design verry much from the original but in this movie she´s really cool , almost everything you would expect from a life action movie snake , btw she was huge , did she ate one of those flowers from Anacondas 2 or something like that but i wish she was more in the movie . The animal fights were pretty need too . When did you actually see Bagheera and Shere Khan fight in the original movie right? I also liked that they put some original elements like the intro music and the songs in this . But i have still some problems with it , like i said it would be cool if kaa was more in the movie and the ending could have been done better and i´m not a huge fan of some of the too cutesy animal scenes but i still really like this movie , it could have been done better but its good ;) (Wink) :) (Smile) Thumbs Up 

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